Audit - 18

Audit Manual 18 - Auditing Packaging Material Vendors

Perform a packaging component supplier audit. Understand which worldwide requirements apply to packaging component suppliers. Use a range of information tools, including the contents of this module, in support of a packaging component supplier audit. Recog

Audit 18 - Auditing Packaging Material Vendors

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Package components are defined as Packing components critical (PCC) or Package component – Non–critical (PCNC). In principle, there are differences between the way ‘Non-Critical’ and ‘Critical’ package component suppliers are handled from an auditing view. The differences are that suppliers of critical package components must have an on site supplier audit, where non-critical package component suppliers may only require a Supplier Quality Review (postal review).

This training module will explain some manufacturing methods for package components and key GMP principles that should be considered and reviewed during the audit.

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